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The on-line Autobiography of Bob Padula is now available, published December 2011, and contains 70 Chapters, 300 pages, and over 1000 images, including sound and videos. It chronicles the most important events and activities of the author's life, spanning the years 1939 to 2011.

It's titled "Looking Back - the Autobiography of Robert V. J, Padula - 1939 to 2011"

Its available for viewiing at

The Autobiography of Robert J. Padula, OAM


A collection of over 300 historical images and maps, tracing the heritage and evolution of the semi-rural fomer gold-mining town of Warrandyte, 25 km east of central Melbourne. Victoria, Australia, with a time-line extending from 1839 to 2010. Supplementary detailed original articles and contemporary images by the author, Bob Padula OAM, of Mont Albert, Melbourne complement the Galleries.

The Banner at the top of each page shows the former Warrandyte Bridge, in 1940

to the

2010 - September - Warrandyte Museum

2010 - March - Warrandyte Festival

2010 - September - Grand Hotel Bistro Tavern


I am  Bob Padula, OAM, of Mont Albert,Victoria, Australia, a Chartered Professional Engineer  (Communications). 

Warrandyte Pictorial Heritage, an Educational Reserch Project,  was prompted by the need to produce a single on-line reference for my personal use, to bring together images and texts about what I consider to be the most important events in Warrandyte’s development and evolution. 

It is a  compilation of photographs, maps, and other content, arranged in chronological order, depicting the history. culture and heritage of the beautiful town of Warrandyte, 25 east of central Melbourne,  from its beginnings in the 1850s.

For the past several years, I have visited the Warrandyte region on innumerable occasions, particularly in the State Park, exploring the vast network of excellent hiking tracks cross its 656 hectares.

I am passionate about hiking, coastal walking, photography, nature, the historical development, ecology, morphology and geographic evolution of the many places I visit, blending these interests into a single pursuit.

I enjoy membership of the Federation of Victorian Bushwalkers and the Great Dividing Trail Association Inc.

The advent of the Internet has opened up an enormous range and scope of material and information of direct interest to me in my research into the destinations visited. This has required an intensive ands continuing commitment in searching the Web for relevant and accurate data,  some of it buried deep within the archives of newspapers dating back to the 1850s,  much of which is now becoming publicly available on-line through the open-access Digitisation Project managed by the National Library of Australia

Many of the images have been digitally enhanced and improved for clearer viewing .

Images are from various sources, including out-of-copyright content from the internet, public-domain information, my own private collection of Rose Stereograph Company postcards, and photographs on information boards.

Many of the  images are scanned from photos given to me by family members and friends.

There are many photos taken by myself  in the years 1958 to 2010.

The articles describe and expand on features and events contained in many of the images, this extending the usefulness of the overall Project.

Click the relevant period in the Links Bar at the top of any page to see the Photos of the selected decade.  Decades from 1900 have their own pages - the era prior to 1899 is one page.

The Heritage was originally planned to be produced privately and stored on a DVD and Memory Stick, and in the course of its creation, a mate suggested that I should consider putting it on-line for the whole world to see and enjoy, without charge.


In accordance with Australian Government regulations concerning reproduction of images, source accredition has not been shown for images created prior to 1960, with some exceptions.

Images created before that date are regarded as being in the Public Domain. This is pursuant to legislation contained in the "50 year Rule".

Images taken by the author may be reproduced if source accredition is given

Scout Jamboree at Clifford Park - 1956  (Scouts Victoria website)

If this is your first visit to Warrandyte Pictorial Heritage, please take a few moments to wander around its various features!

Throughout this site, all  images are thumbnailed - click to see the full-size photos in separate windows.

Dates in the captions refer to when the images were created, where known - others are notional/deduced, due to the absence of accurate data. Many images may be found on a multiplicity of web sites,  and sources are indeterminate.  Where posssible, dates have been determined from digitized archived newspapers.

I hope you find the Heritage of interest, and I would really appreciate your feedback, comments , suggestions and criticisms, using the Guest Book at the npttopm of thiks page!

Good luck as you make your virtual and physical journey around Warrandyte, and trace the development and evolution of the town over 170 years!

By the way, there's still gold to be found at Warrandyte, and I hope to see you at the 2011 Warrandyte Festival!

Bob Padula,  OAM
September 2010

2010 - March. The Festival! Prospectors and Mining Display from Warrandyte Historical Society

2010 - March. The Festival! Fun on the Slide!

Below are some pictures taken in 2010 by your author in the Mt Lofty section of the Warrandyte State Park

 Yarra Ranges from summit 

 Viewing platform on Yarra

    Yarra from summit

 Yarra. view towards Christmas Hills



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The author at Stane Brae, near the former Homestead, September 2010


Bob Padula, OAM,  CPEng, MIE(Aust)
Chartered Professional Engineer (Communications).

404 Mont Albert Rd, Mont Albert, Victoria 3127,  Australia;  (03) 9898 2906

Send a private Email message to Bob Padula

All messages will be acknowledged.


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1905 -Victorian Railways Steambus near Warrandyte


In researching this Project. I would like to acknowledge the assistance extended to me by the hard-working volunteers of the Warrandyte Historical Society Inc., and the staff of Parks Victoria (Pound Bend)

1874 - Cobb and Co coach at Warrandyte

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